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Beth Behind EB

Meet Elizabeth Madsen: the “Beth” behind Elizabeth Boutique (EB).



As owner of the women’s clothing and accessories boutique that bears her name – a concept she dreamed up as a child while watching her father build his own business, solidified plans for while away at college earning a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Direct Response Retailing and launched in her late 20’s – Beth is the face of EB. Since opening her doors for business in August 2008, her passion for fashion, and for the local ladies she serves, has been her driving force.

A lifelong Dutchess County resident and “shop local” enthusiast (as well as a fan of small town shopping), Beth is proud of the fact that EB is part of the thriving Arlington Business District. She knows that it’s distinctive stores like hers, with unique products and fresh energy, that make Poughkeepsie a better place to live and visit…and one that people want to come back to time and again.

beth-ribbon-cutting.pngBeth’s goal has always been to satisfy her customers and she has been known to sell a shirt she’s wearing to accommodate a customer who needs an outfit for that night…or is just the size she’s wearing! All of her buying decisions are based upon what her customers want and the design of her store was thought out carefully to provide them with a tasteful shopping environment unlike any other here in Dutchess County. That dedication to meeting their needs, and a genuine love for what she does, fuels Beth’s business.

Beth’s ambition is to serve as a role model to fellow young entrepreneurs and females, proving you can open your own businesses, even in a challenging economy, and succeed. Her mantra – persistence pays – was inspired by her Grandma Helen, who never stopped asking her, “When are you going to open your own boutique?” In tribute to Grandma, Beth invites store visitors to enjoy the gum drops that are on display at the check-out – in the very same dish that sat on her Grandma’s coffee table when she was a kid. They are the perfect reminder that with a lot of passion and hard work, anything is possible!

spice-drops.pngIn addition to her Grandma, many women played a role in Beth’s business success story, helping her pursue her dream and make it a reality. Beth acknowledges that, without the customers who support her and her store, she wouldn’t be where she is today. In fact, she has cultivated countless friendships with her customers over the years and considers them a source of inspiration.

As busy as Beth is, she works hard towards better serving the community, putting together events that directly benefit those in the Hudson Valley. She takes part in numerous fashion shows that raise money for local causes and donates goods to support the organizations that her customers care about. Beth is very interested in improving the area in which she lives and is actively involved in the Arlington Business Improvement District and is a member of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce. It’s that kind of “think local” attitude that makes Beth an integral part of the community her business serves. As for her mission going forward, Beth notes that she “looks forward to EB being a Poughkeepsie mainstay for many years to come.”




child-feet.png1980: The middle child of Sandra and Daniel Madsen was born. Elizabeth Erin Madsen. The one and only.

1988: $$$$, or should I say 25 cent signs? Peddling lemonade at our summer long stand in Clinton Corners at a young age of eight.

1992: Babysitters Club Wannabes. Charged three dollars a head for neighborhood children to come to a Play Day put on by my sister, best friend and I. ($3?? – what a deal!)

1993: Miles of Spandex. Polka Dot to Hot Pink. Basement Fashion Designers with my best friend Mara. Vision Yes. Designers? Not in this lifetime.

lemonade.png1994: Hated the name Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy, and any form of the name while growing up. Everyone always referred to me as Beth. My how the times have changed.

1992 – 1994: Garage boutique. Created by Beth and Kelly Madsen offering second hand clothing and household items in a “garage boutique” atmosphere … a.k.a. lipstick on a garage.

1990 – 1995: Impromptu Fashion Show anyone? Saved up all of my money for day long shopping trips and then showed everyone what I bought.

1998 – 2002: College. Fashion Merchandising and a Direct Response Retailing degree and a dream of owning Beth’s Boutique. Who knew that I would do it and change the name.

child-candle.png2004: Pleasant reminders from loved ones… “When are you going to open your own boutique?” Grandma Helen always asked. In tribute to my Grandma’s persistence, I have the same gum drops in her candy dish in my boutique to share with my customers. Persistence pays.

2008: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Shopping and Fashion (and energy of course) were ingredients for a boutique of my own. EB opened on August 20, 2008 at 1 Davis Avenue in Poughkeepsie!

2010: EB quickly became part of the community and participated in fashion shows and events that gave back to local organizations.

2011: As EB’s fan base grew we soon saw the need for additional dressing rooms and a expanded sales floor.

eb-store-sign-1024x856.jpg2012: Luckily, EB was able to find the perfect spot for her new home, just two blocks away on the corner of Collegeview & Fairmont Avenue across from Vassar College in June.

2013: After 4 1/2 months of renovations, EB moved into her beautiful new home at 35 Collegeview Avenue in Poughkeepsie on November 21st. She’s been the happiest bride ever since!