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Floral Arrangements are by the talented Viridescent Floral Design! 


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Before You Get Your Tan

*If you schedule an appointment please plane to shop & try on before spray tan*

Airbrush spray tan is a healthy, sunless tanning alternative. Our tanning solutions is organic and hypo-allergenic. It is made from purified water, organic aloe vera, organic green tea, and natural coconut derivatives, and it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Good for all skin types.


No alcohols

No artificial preservatives

No mineral oils

No artificial perfumes

No parabens

No smelly odors

Tanning solution is evenly applied to the skin with an airbrush spray gun, giving you a natural looking tan.


Spray Tanning Tips:

Exfoliate and moisturize every day leading up to your tanning session.

Do not wear ANY moisturizer or makeup the day of your appointment. This will act as a barrier and will not allow the tanning solution to absorb.

Wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment.

During your appointment, you may wear a bathing suit, underwear, or we can provide you with disposable thong underwear. You may also be sprayed nude if you choose.

*Spray tanning solution will wash out of most clothing, if washed shortly after being sprayed.


Skin will be dry, but slightly tacky after tanning session. Do not touch or feel it, as this will remove the product from your skin leaving streaks or a blotchy effect. You will see an instant bronze at the time of your appointment. However, tanning solution needs time to develop. Do not shower for 6 hours minimum following your appointment. The initial bronze is just surface color and will wash away in the shower. Do not be alarmed when you see some color rinse off. Once absorbed over 6 hours, it will not fade for several days.

Moisturize every day following your session to have lasting effects. Do not exfoliate, as this will remove the top layer of your skin, causing the tan to fade faster.

Tan should last 5-7 days.

*Pregnant women should check with doctor before getting spray tanned.




25% Off Your Entire In-store Purchase
Now is your chance to refresh your Spring closet & get 25% off! Here's how:
Purchase a minimum of 5 items 
(regular priced and in-stock items only) 
Any # of clothing & shoes only  
Excludes jewelry, handbags, accessories, 
Hanky Panky, sale items, bralettes,
basic layering pieces, gifts & printed t-shirts 
Cannot be applied to previous purchases 
Promotion ends Sunday 3/31
*can be processed online, if you call the store 845-471-9632




At this fundraiser, the ticket cost will include entrance for the event, a fashion show featuring local boutiques (listed below), and appetizers. There will also be mystery balloon raffles from $10-100 and a 50/50 raffle. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door and online here. 


All proceeds from our 2018 fundraiser events will be used to renovate the House of Hope facility so that they can continue to service all survivors in excellence. They believe every element of their shelter should radiate the message of hope. It is with your generous support that they will have the ability to provide a comfortable facility of hope for our future families, move our organization forward, and take the steps to eliminate domestic abuse forever. 











Did you ever feel like trading in your old EB look for a new EB look? Now is your chance! There are 2 ways to take part in our Swap Sale. Here are the details - Come in and shop our Bi-Annual Swap Sale from Thursday, January 18th thru Sunday, January 28th OR RSVP here to attend our Private Swap Sale Shopping Event. This private event will be held on Wednesday January 17th from 3-7pm and you must RSVP to attend! This exclusive event allows customers to shop our Swap Sale FIRST, as well as receive an additional 40% off our Sale Rack! RSVP here. Don't forget we accept CASH only!

Below are more details on swapping your items and shopping the Swap!

 Do you want to SELL in the SWAP SALE?

Go through your closet and pull the EB pieces you are either tired of or don't wear anymore. Bring in your clean, gently worn, wrinkle free EB items on hangers (we give them back & we accept clothing from all seasons) from Tuesday, January 2nd thru Tuesday, January 16th. You will receive EB store credit from anything that sells in the Swap! Just a reminder, EB is closed on Mondays.

Items are sold for $5-$50, depending on the condition & original value when purchased. There is no charge to participate in the EB Swap Sale. All sales will be given to the consignee as store credit only. No cash will be given.

Tips for selling in the SWAP - To get the most for your items we recommend everything you bring in be wrinkle free, stain free, clean & on hangers!


Clothing Pick-up & Donation / Store Credit Info

Customers have the option to donate or pick up any of their unsold items. Any customers who wanted to pick up their items, and do not do so by Sunday, February 11th, will have their items donated. All donated items go locally to the Grace Smith House. GSH is a private not-for-profit domestic violence agency, which provides both residential and non-residential services to victims of domestic violence and their children. For more info on this local organization, go to www.gracesmithhouse.org.

Customers must call the store beginning 1 week after the Swap Sale has ended to find out if they earned credit. EB will not be making any phone calls. Swap Sale ends Sunday, January 28th. Store credit will be available starting Tuesday, February 6th and credit will expire at the end of June.


Don't have anything to sell in the SWAP?

No worries! You can shop our gently used boutique styles for less and get some great Summer & Fall Styles at awesome prices instead! ANYONE can shop the SWAP! Just remember we only accept CASH for the Swap Sale! You can shop the Swap Sale starting Thursday, January 18th thru Sunday, January 28th OR 

If you want first pick of the SWAP Styles & exclusive Winter Sale Savings make sure you RSVP to the Private SWAP Event on Wednesday, January 17thfrom 3-7pm! As a VIP shopper you will get additional savings on our already reduced 50% off Winter Sale items. RSVP HERE.




Private VIP Event Exclusive Winter Sale Savings
Buy 5 Winter Sale items & take an additional 40% off
Buy 4 Winter Sale items & take an additional 30% off
Buy 3 Winter Sale items & take an additional 20% off 
Sale will include EVERYTHING - 
clothing, shoes, outerwear, accessories, gifts, & jewelry! 


No RSVP required for any other day to shop. Just a reminder EB is closed on Mondays. 


Reasons We LOVE the SWAP Sale


  • To start, we love to see our clothes being given a second home, it's a great eco-friendly way to recycle them.
  • Another reason is that we love knowing our customers get to turn their closets into cash! Whoever said your closet isn't an investment is wrong!
  • We also love knowing that having the Swap Sale pushes our customers to do a closet cleanse twice a year, which can provide stress-free mornings when you're getting dressed.
  • It's also a great opportunity for women who don't normally shop here to still get the boutique experience while purchasing gently used styles for less!
  • Lastly, we always give our customers the option to donate their unsold items locally to the Grace Smith House. They offer shelter & services to victims of domestics violence & their children. It's a win win for everyone!